Wanås Restaurant Hotel

Contemporary restaurant and hotel located in 18th century historic buildings on the Wanås Estate in Skåne in the south of Sweden. Wanås has a history that goes back to medieval times and is today surrounded by the renowned sculpture park The Wanås Foundation. Wanås Hotel has eleven individually decorated rooms combining Nordic design and sustainability with locally sourced materials. Wanås Restaurant is influenced by its surroundings: the forests teeming with game, mushrooms, berries, and the organic farm that produces milk and meat, as well as vegetables. Wanås has a long history of inviting guests and art lovers. Wanås Restaurant Hotel continues this tradition and open the place for travelers from near and far to experience nature, history and contemporary art around the year. Wanås, pronounced "Vanoos" is situated in the south of Sweden 1,5 h from Malmö/Copenhagen. Travel to Wanås to Kristianstad Airport or to the international Copenhagen Airport where trains link to nearby Hässleholm. Nearest train stations are Hässlehom and Kristianstad.

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Wanås Restaurant Hotel is a cultural and culinary destination but also a place for the soul. Honesty, to ourselves, to our guests and to nature, is central to every meal and every stay at Wanås.